We are Humbled By The Fall

We are a band of friends that have reformed to finish what we started 20 years ago, getting a second crack at making music, and rekindling our love of it.

We exist now as a virtual rock band now, with members in SoCal, NorCal, Washington, and Guam. Technology brings us together. (Hey, it's about time Zoom was used for something worthwhile.) Through various digital sharing platforms, we've created a workflow that encompasses a number of different pieces working together.

We are attempting to record for posterity (and possibly fame) a bunch of great songs that were written in our youth, forgotten about, lamented over, then deemed worth saving. Turns out, we still have a lot to say about the world, relationships, and ourselves.

While society crumbles around us, we are Humbled By The Fall:

Ed Hofmann | Hanzel Morato | Josh Howe | Mario Mancia